Bar the odd day or two and the freak heatwave we’re due this week, the past few weeks have begun to feel decidedly more Autumnal. The blazing sunny days we admire through the window carry a surprising nip in the wind and nights are becoming darker at their inevitable yet terrifying speed. And as England settles into the familiar, cozy nights filled with Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing and casserole, all the traumas of the summer’s political unrest begin to seem like a bad dream. Kind of.

Highland Fling by Katie Alice

And of course with every new season of Bake Off comes the gluttonous urge to grease the muffin trays, line the cake tins and cream together butter and sugar as our taste buds are activated each Wednesday night by an array of sweetly baked, on-screen utopia from the comfort of our own sofas.

This year however I’m all of a pickle from my usual September bake-off spirit. Because currently our TV stands unplugged against the wall of an unusable room, our sofa is stood on its side, wedged into a sorry looking corner of the kitchen - legs detached and in an unconfirmed location, and all my baking tools are packed into a box labeled “non-essential kitchen stuff” and piled away somewhere underneath a combined 60 years of collected belongings.

Highland Fling by Katie Alice

That is because at the start of the summer we bought a new (old) house, and it was only a couple of weeks ago, during the middle of a very hectic week exhibiting at Burghley Horse Trials that we were finally able to move in. I must say that after living out of a bag and with parents for the last month it really is (and please don’t take this the wrong way parents) an utter joy to have our own space back. Even if it does come sprinkled in a layer of dust.

My eagerness to re-decorate/impatient streak means that rather than move in comfortably and gradually decorate room by room, we gutted 80% of the house almost immediately. So we are now living between two cramped rooms amongst a barricade of boxes, piles of paint tins and dust sheets as far as the eye can see. With a 9-month old Puppy. While in the other four rooms wallpaper has been scraped, walls have been plastered, ceiling roses and coving installed, carpets ripped up, floor boards sanded, bathrooms fitted… you get the picture.

But I’m making it sound all bad – actually I’ve been impossibly excited from the minute we started, and Luna is loving all the extra walkies and snuggles on the bed she’s getting to compensate for the current lack of space. And now as we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel – the light being our beautiful new paint colours glistening on the freshly plastered walls – I’ve realized how terribly neglectful I’ve been to my poor blog!

Highland Fling by Katie Alice

I planned to show you all step by step stages of the refurb but we’ve been given an unmissable to opportunity to feature in a glossy mag when it’s looking a bit more ‘Ideal Home’ and a bit less ‘DIY SOS’ (the bit before they’ve done the makeover). So until then it remains mostly top secret, apart from the odd sneak peek on my Instagram.

For now I'm leaving you with these inspiring Autumnal images from the wonderful Janis Issitt of the Highland Fling Collection, and I thoroughly look forward to having a more a presentable backdrop to take some photos myself! 

Katie x

Highland Fling

Highland Fling by Katie Alice