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 The Story

Once upon a time, in a cute cottage garden in Northamptonshire, Katie Alice was pottering about dead-heading her roses, when she received a phone call. This phone call was from Creative Tops, a local kitchenware company. Creative Tops knew of the creative work Katie had been doing at home and in the local area and they wondered if she fancied collaborating on a new range of tableware for them. Happily Katie set about creating a brand focused on things she loved. That was in 2010 and since then, self-taught designer Katie Alice has been enthusiastically working away from her coffee cup and scrap-book laden desk to create over 10 ranges (and counting) for the Katie Alice brand. Alongside that, Katie has styled summer houses at the Chelsea Flower Show including her own Katie Alice summerhouse, travelled an awful lot and ventured into the world of blogging. Oh, and the Telegraph have named her as a future star of the interior world. Whew!

 Our Values 

Katie Alice first began on a bit of a whim back in 2010, with little expectations but BIG ambitions. Our new little company happily grew, and then it grew a little bit more and over time it naturally and irrepressibly developed its very own set of core values that define who we are today.

INSPIRED – We love to take inspiration from external influences past & present, near & far. Creative, Innovative & Memorable.

OBLIGING – To deliver a friendly, helpful, and personal service to all customers, colleagues, suppliers, tea drinkers etc.

INTERNATIONAL – Recognise the worldwide market and accommodate everyone by ensuring Katie Alice is available globally.

DEVELOPING – Continually growing and evolving our variety of products, as well as exploring new avenues of expansion.

FUN – We are passionate, positive & enthusiastic about what we do, whilst maintaining a relaxed style and a good sense of humour.


If you’d like to know a little more about Katie Alice, you should probably read the Infrequently Asked Questions below…



Is it true you never went to university?

If you had to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Tricky... but I think Florence, with all the art and the pasta and the win and the wild boar. I once accidentally navigated a hired Fiat Panda right through the centre square of Florence on a sunny Saturday afternoon, which at the time was a living nightmare but in hindsight I now feel an incredible connection with the place.

If you were a tv programme what would your theme tune be?
'My baby just cares for me' by Nina Simone, easily. That piano wins.

Do you prefer cooking dinner or eating it?

Do you get really disappointed when you order a Caesar salad and the anchovy is all mixed up in the dressing without any whole bits, even though you know that’s really how it's supposed to be?
As a matter of fact, I do.

Is it true you learnt a Michael Jackson dance routine to perform at your best friend’s wedding?
Yes, with my sister. We looked 50% cool and 50% like total idiots. It worked perfectly.

What's the best cocktail you've ever had?
A fresh strawberry daiquiri in a chocolate powder coated cocktail glass from Club Feather Bower in Hong Kong. I'm not exaggerating when i say it was a total life changing experience.

Are you a little bit prone to exaggerating?

What's the closest near death experience you've ever had?
That would be the time I went to QVC for a screen test. Luckily they didn't want me back.

What do you think are some of life's most un-important, important lessons?
Cook pasta al dente, learn to enjoy tea without sugar, if you're feeling tired it's probably just best to have a nap and a little bit of dark chocolate goes a long way.

Is it true you are addicted to buying really expensive magazines?

Would you like to see Katie Alice on other products such as bedding or stationary? –
Oooh yes I would actually thanks for asking. I’d even say why stop there. How about stationery or even clothes? A cute little highland fling dress, can you imagine!

Jam or marmalade?

Tulips or daffodils?

Croissant or pain-aux-chocolat?
Ooooh, that really depends on how I'm feeling that day

Describe yourself in three words.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
I haven't the slightest idea

If you spent as much time working as you did daydreaming would you be able to afford your loft extension?
Yes, I think I probably would.

And finally, who is Alice?
She's me... Alice is my middle name. I never used to like it when I was little but now I love it, obvs!

Any other questions you'd love to know the answer to?
Why not Ask Katie . . .

English Garden by Katie Alice