Katie Alice

About us

Katie Alice is a self-taught designer whose whimsical designs, very much led by a love for vintage florals have become household staples.

“The Katie Alice story began on a bit of whim. I was running a country pub restaurant at the time and spent my days styling my home with vintage finds and working in my cottage garden. One day, rather out of the blue, local tableware company Creative Tops asked me to help curate a new collection of dinnerware with them, using my everyday life and interests as the inspiration. At the time, England was just coming out of the recession and everybody needed a bit of cheering up. Together with Creative Tops we came up with the pretty Cottage Flower collection. Aspirational, affordable, beautiful – it almost completely sold out at its trade fair launch.”

“My collections continue to take their inspiration from my obsession with vintage florals from various eras and a passion for bringing long forgotten artwork back to life. I also enjoy taking influence from popular trends and my travels which I hope gives Katie Alice the opportunity and flexibility to remain current and grow with my customers.”

Not formerly a designer by trade, Katie grew with each collection learning as she went along and has now launched over 10 new ranges of tableware, with the very first collection continuing to perform very well. Vintage Indigo, which has been one of the most successful new launches to date, has topped the best seller list for Creative Tops’ dinnerware collections and has been listed in Waitrose.

Now living in the beautiful town of Stamford, Katie has taken on a new home restoration project as well as launching her own website and blog. She has been invited several times to demonstrate in Japan’s top department stores for their prestigious British Fairs and has been recognized in top publications such as Good Housekeeping, Period Living, Ideal Home and Country Living – whose renowned fairs she regularly exhibits at.

Along with Waitrose, Katie Alice has also sold well in Debenhams, Fenwick’s, Sainsbury’s and Waterstones, as well as many independent shops around England. There is also a big international following, with the Katie Alice brand being Creative Tops’ most successful export.


Tricky... but I think Florence, with all the art and the pasta and the win and the wild boar. I once accidentally navigated a hired Fiat Panda right through the centre square of Florence on a sunny Saturday afternoon, which at the time was a living nightmare but in hindsight I now feel an incredible connection with the place.
'My baby just cares for me' by Nina Simone, easily. That piano wins.
Yes, with my sister. We looked 50% cool and 50% like total idiots. It worked perfectly.
A fresh strawberry daiquiri in a chocolate powder coated cocktail glass from Club Feather Bower in Hong Kong. I'm not exaggerating when i say it was a total life changing experience.
That would be the time I went to QVC for a screen test. Luckily they didn't want me back.
Cook pasta al dente, learn to enjoy tea without sugar, if you're feeling tired it's probably just best to have a nap and a little bit of dark chocolate goes a long way.
Oooh yes I would actually thanks for asking. I’d even say why stop there. How about stationery or even clothes? A cute little highland fling dress, can you imagine!
Ooooh, that really depends on how I'm feeling that day
I haven't the slightest idea
She's me... Alice is my middle name. I never used to like it when I was little but now I love it, obvs!