Is anyone else starting to get really excited about wearing big fluffy jumpers, eating over-sized game pie’s and not worrying about whether or not you remembered to shave your legs? Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a summer girl but there is something enchanting about Autumn and all the wonderful richness that comes along with it. To celebrate the start of a new season, I’ve put together 20 of my favourite bits from different collections for this time of year, with a few listed below –

Rustic Lace Serve Plate

Rustic Lace Serve Plate  – perfect for serving your roast dinners on (or any other dinners for that matter)

Faux-Bone Cutlery

Faux-Bone Cutlery – inspired by the cutlery your nan used to have – its time to start thinking about the festive entertaining season and stocking up on essential items – this set is an absolute steel (sorry, terrible pun) at 31.99

Purple Goblets

Purple Goblets – You know it’s only going to get chillier from here on out. And what do we do when it starts to get chilly? We warm our wine up of course – with spices and orange and sometimes, depending on what sort of day we’ve had, even a bit of brandy in it! And these goblets are perfect for supping away at your mulled wine in.

Vintage Indigo Set of 6 Placemats

Vintage Indigo Set of 6 Placemats  – Dinner time is going to start becoming less about the salads and more about the mash for the next 6 months and you want to keep that table protected from hot plates.

Highland Fling Insulated Flask

Highland Fling Insulated Flask –  for those early, chilly mornings when you need to take a bit of something warm into the office with you.

Highland Fling Tartan Bowl

Highland Fling Tartan Bowl – show me a more perfect Autumnal soup bowl and I’ll show you the way to the moon

Vintage Indigo Cake Stand

Vintage Indigo Cake Stand – with all the baking temptations coming the Great British Bakeoff at the moment I feel a new cake stand is in order. And this pedestal version is perfect for large cakes, cupcakes, muffins, pastries …

Pretty Retro Can Mugs

Pretty Retro Can Mugs – I’m obsessing over how much I love these mugs at the moment. The nice big square handle is super comfy for holding while the smooth stoneware is just lovely to drink from. This pink one is really hitting the spot for me.

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Katie x