For summer this year we have added some cute new products to the Pretty Retro collection in the form of trays and textiles – the perfect additions for this everyday range. Pretty Retro was first launched in Autumn 2015 and it’s popularity has meant we’ve been able to expand it’s prettiness onto more lovely things for your kitchen!

On a side note I’d also like to take this opportunity for us to all take some time to give Party Rings the respect they are due – what a biscuit. What a biscuit.

Pretty Retro Small Tray

Pretty Retro Medium Tray

I’ve been wanting to introduce some of these gorgeous birch wood trays into the Katie Alice range for donkey’s years (what does that even mean), so I’m thrilled that we finally have some and in my favourite design as well! Two rectangular ones – the super cute little yellow one (perfect for a couple of cups of tea and little stash of biscuits), and a slightly larger one in my favourite pastel aqua colour. Both of these feature the pretty little ditsy geometric used throughout this collection. Then there’s the beautiful large round tray with the vintage 50’s floral design in all its retro glory! I’m imagining summer days with this tray loaded up with glasses, a plate of strawberries and big jug of Pimms!

Pretty Retro Large Tray

We also have a super cute collection of kitchen textiles as a summer addition with the bold floral in larger scale for added retro fun! The new retro shape apron has a striking floral pocket and pretty pink trim which matches perfectly the new double oven glove. And then there’s the set of two tea towels because you can never have too many pretty tea towels! These are all made from 100% cotton and will help you achieve the perfect retro baking look in your kitchen!

Pretty Retro Oven Gloves

Pretty Retro Apron

Pretty Retro Tea Towels

I hope you like these new additions because guess what – there’s more coming for Autumn as well! You can click on the photos for a link to each of the products on our shop.

Katie x