A bit of Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is wending its merry way around the corner again! I thought I’d pop a bit of inspiration up on here, for any of you that might be trawling the web, looking for ideas… Consider this the perfect link to whatsapp over to your partner!

Here are my 7 top picks  –

  1. Top tip for a Valentines gift is ordering a bunch of polaroid-style prints from all the photos on your phone – I love the Lalalab app for this. 
  1. A pretty notebook is always a good idea, and you might as well throw in a co-ordinating mug because are you even anyone if your stationary doesn’t match your cup? And fancy that – it just so happens that we have just launched the prettiest notebooks around! Shop here.

  1. Or how about one of our lovely “Bloom Hard” prints – I absolutely love having this positive reminder to ‘be your best self’ up on our kitchen wall. Plus the floral background print is really, really pretty.

  1. Nothing says love quite like a homemade chocolate cake on Valentine’s Day. How about this delicious chocolate fudge cake which is vegan and refined sugar free – slightly less guilt and all the more delicious.

  1. If I was feeling flash, I would definitely be booking tickets to the Green Man festival in Wales as a Valentines gift this year – the line-up looks fantastic and it’s a great family festival. Experience gifts are all the rage at the moment so think outside the shops if you want to go all out this VD.
  1. A voucher for a facial. You might be worried that a gift like this could be interpreted as “baby, you really need a facial”. It won’t be. I would gladly have a facial every week given the opportunity. I certainly would not take a gifted one as an insult referring to the size of my eyebags or dullness of my complexion! Instead, I would look forward to that hour of relaxation on my own, with my eyes covered in cucumbers instead of staring at screens. Or being poked by toddler fingers. Dreamy.


7. come on, guys and gals. Say it with it flowers. ALWAYS say it with flowers. I know it’s the cliché but it’s the cliché for a good reason. And local, independent florists only please, thank you!


So there you are. I hope that was helpful? All that’s left now is for you to wonder whether I genuinely did want to put together a list of Valentine’s suggestions… or if I was in fact, just dropping hints to Matt in the most unsubtle of ways. I guess you’ll never know.


Katie x