Changes are afoot!


We have been quietly beavering away in the background, working hard and getting ready to take over the wholesale of our ceramics business!


What does this mean for Katie Alice?

This is a huuuuge step for us!

Since Katie Alice started, I have always had a licensing partner for ceramics. This meant I worked closely with a brilliant tableware company, who manufactured and sold Katie Alice designs on tableware for me! This was a fantastic way to launch the brand together as we did 9 years ago!

But things have changed a whole lot in 9 years and now my friends, it’s time for a change! We are so excited to bring this side of the business in house! We now have a small team working on all things KA! Joining me and Matt we have my sister Nina who is working on product development and international sales. Nina was responsible for helping Katie Alice become an international brand in the first 5 years! She is a total charmer with all of our export customers and we’re so happy she’s on board! Also on the team is one of my very best friends Toni, who is working on all things design based with me. Toni was instrumental in helping the Katie Alice brand find it’s voice back in the early days. She helped put together some of our classic collections such as English Garden. There will be more on these two in the coming months – they don’t know it yet but they will be writing their own blog posts to say hi!


What does this mean for you?

Most importantly, what this all means is that we will have full control of what products we are bringing in (although this is still budget dependent, unfortunately… I wish we could just buy everything!). We are keen to listen to our customers about where they would like to see the brand heading.

Now that we are in the process of putting our orders in with our trusted ceramics factories, we expect to have everything in by the Spring. Does that seem like ages away? Don’t worry! There is plenty of stock to fulfill online shop orders in the meantime! Plus, we may or may not have a few sneaky launches planned for later in the year! The other great news is that current products won’t be changing at all – they will be the same great shapes, with the same amazing quality, bright patterns. This means if you are collecting one of our bestselling ranges you will be able to add to it seamlessly! Some products that have been out of stock for a while will be coming back again – yippee! (I’m looking specifically at you, Vintage Indigo teapot and English Garden teacup and saucer). We’re sadly not going to be able to bring everything back into stock, but we hope that the selection we have made will keep everyone happy.

And of course, there are some brand new collections on the way too!

What does this mean for our stockists?

Old, current, and new stockists – we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email to so we can keep you up to date with our progress and send you our brand new trade catalogue as soon as it’s ready! We are excited to work closely with retailers, creating good relationships that will work for all of us during what could be challenging times ahead for retail.

Have we gone mad?

There have been many sleepless nights over the past few months, and especially since the news that we are officially in a recession. Are we completely mad to be investing so much and taking on such a huge project at the moment? Maybe. But this feels like the right timing for all of us involved. We’ve been blown away by the support from customers and stockists these last six months! It’s given us the confidence to take the leap. We just can’t wait to see where the next few years take us!


Katie x