We just wanted to send a little update during this most challenging time we find ourselves in and send some well wishes to everyone.

Yesterday morning we received a wonderfully reassuring email from our warehouse listing all the extra special precautions they are taking to protect their staff and make sure they can continue sending out orders as efficiently and safely as possible.
With all the extra measures they are taking, and in light of the new developments yesterday including school closures, we anticipate that there could be a slight delay on orders, but hopefully no more than a day or two at present.

As a small business we are of course worried about how COVID-19 is going to impact us over the coming months, as many other business owners will be. This is Matt and I’s livelihood and our passion so naturally we want to keep running and sending you pretty things for as long as possible!

The encouragement we’ve already had from you guys over the past week has been so humbling and we’d like to thank you for your continued support! We’ll be doing everything we can to try and make sure Katie Alice can continue to flourish through and beyond this difficult chapter.

On a more uplifting note – here is some advice, tips and tricks for our home-bound states.

Fortunately, there has never been a better time to hunker down! Me and Matt have finally started watching Sex Education on Netflix, which has most definitely taken our minds of things, if only for 50 minutes at a time! And for a bit of uplifting and inspiring cinema, I’m also working my way through the beautiful Japanese anime films that have arrived on Netflix after they announced the rights to 21 films from renowned Japanese film producers Studio Ghibli. Read more here – https://inews.co.uk/culture/film/studio-ghibli-movies-netflix-films-list-anime-when-uk-release-date-spirited-away-1370793

I’m planning  to finally finish the scarf I started knitting 2 years ago, (I know I know) and have also started a new weaving project. Any little projects you’ve been toying with starting? Now’s the time!

We were due to be meeting up with friends on Friday night for dinner and drinks (a rare occurrence these days!) but instead have decided to do a group video call so we can still all have a glass of wine together and talk about how bloody bonkers this all is!

DIY stores are still open at the moment – it’s a great time to do a bit of re-decorating! How about getting inspired by Wiltshire Farmhouses hand-painted walls on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wiltshirefarmhouse/?hl=en

Make a new Spotify playlist to blast the cobwebs off with and have a dance round the kitchen, you might feel a bit silly to start with but trust me – you’ll feel a million times happier by the end!
And for something a bit more relaxing (because hello new-found anxiety) – Lianne from StudioLP made the most dreamy acoustic playlist which she played in our pottery class the other night and has kindly given me permission to share. Playlist here- https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7Hp8CuICmGuqtX0JxEaivT?si=rY5laNxZR7aSqJBNCF9DYQ
and check out her lovely website here – http://www.studiolpceramics.com

I’m also seriously considering the idea of digging up some of the garden and putting a small vegetable patch in. Gardening has such a meditative effect for me anyway, plus homegrown veg is a big win!

And National Trust have announced they will be opening parks and garden up for free so we can all enjoy the fresh air – https://www.discoverwildlife.com/news/national-trust-free-coronavirus/

There are also lots of really lovely posts going round about things you can do with your time now that we are restricting our physical social activity. Many accounts are coming to the rescue with live activities to join in with as well which is just fantastic!

These are just a couple of my favourites –
Shona Virtue is doing live workout’s this week on her YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw3_asTSehMF-MbF1cluGCw

Molly Mahon has done a virtual block printing class on IGTV – all you need is a potato, some old paint sample pots and something to print onto!

Melissa Hemsley is doing cook-along’s on her Instagram and her recipes are super nourishing and often include store cupboard faves and leftovers which is genius!

If you are a parent, looking to entertain children, I love Play Hooray https://playhooray.co.uk  for cheap and simple play ideas and Mighty Mother on instagram https://www.instagram.com/mightymother_/?hl=en for calming ideas for time and home management for children

I hope some of this brings you some light if you need it! I know I do.

Best wishes and keep safe

Katie x