Celebrating black-owned businesses this Black Pound Day


It’s been a while since we all posted our black squares on Instagram to show solidarity with the black community. Many of us had our eyes opened up to something that perhaps we hadn’t had to think about before.

Months have passed, do you still remember how you felt back then?

I think now is really good time to check in and think back to what pledges we may have made to ourselves in the summer. Are we still learning? Are we still supporting?

You may o rmay not have heard of black pound day,  but it’s a campaign that aims to showcase all the amazing black owned businesses in the UK.


So, in the lead up to Christmas, for November’s black pound day, I wanted to share some of my favourite businesses with you!


Kemi Telford

At the top of my own personal Christmas list to Santa this year is a dress from here. Nigerian influence with a Western twist, Yvonne’s clothes are 100% pure joy.


La Basketry

A celebration of all things woven, run by Tabara – who published her first book Baskets, last year. Here you can find beautiful ready-made baskets handwoven in Senegal as well as basketmaking kits – a thoughtful gift for anyone crafty.



The people shop

Award winning lifestyle store that recently moved to just online run by Alison Sadler. Her partner Christian make the stores Beautiful clothing, which is complemented by a stylish array of homewares for slow living.


Wild Suga

I just love Serina’s bold prints with their links to the mystical and natural world. The perfect gift shop features her colouring book – women + patterns + plants, as well as jigsaws, tea towels and of course art prints.


Elizabeth Rachael

Obviously I’m a big fan of Elizabeth’s as she paints so many gorgeous florals! You can shop her prints and tea towels through her Etsy shop –



Sarora Knots

Sara not only makes the prettiest plant hangers in bright and beautiful colours but she also a big advocate for shopping sustainably and an all-round brilliant human.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

I’ll be posting our own Chrsitmas gift guide in the coming days as well as a Stamford gift guide to celebrate all my favourite local businesses!

Katie x