I’m a terrible decision maker. I worry in an unreasonable manor that I’ll make the wrong choice, and this can really apply to just about anything.

“Should I go for an all-white colour scheme in the hallway or should I go for dark and moody?”

“Should I invest savings into property or into my business?”

“Should I order the lamb chops or the fish pie?”

Generally, I try and incorporate as many options as possible into my final decision to help combat any potential future regret…

All-white in the hallway, dark and moody in the downstairs cloakroom.

Invest money into property that will also benefit the business.

Order the fish pie and get boyfriend to order the lamb chops…

You get the idea.

My new collection Festival Folk is exactly this – a compromise of different inspirations and style. When I was working on my mood boards for a new collection over a year ago, I couldn’t quite decide which route to go down – eclectic and bohemian with bright, festival inspired colours, or English patterns and folky Scandinavian illustrations. I wanted it all.

These mixed inspirations come partly from a very nostalgic place from my child hood – the loveliest old country house in Northamptonshire. My Mum once lived in the Jacobean quarter of this beautiful house, and I spent my first months there – not that I remember them of course. But even after we moved house, some of my earliest memories are from this magical property. We visited our old neighbours, who during my mum’s time there had become close friends, with children of a similar age to me and my older brother. And there is the most beautiful garden there – one of the many things that made this house such an inspirational place – think something as magic as The Secret Garden. Inside the house a mix of eclectic Englishness was met with oriental influence, creating the most wonderful bohemian style. I fell in love with this mix of cultures from an early age.

So Festival Folk has come to be a mix of bohemian, Scandinavian, English, and vibrant festival vibes. Too much? Not for me. This Sunday, Creative Tops will be launching Festival Folk to trade buyers (the 14th Katie Alice collection!) at the Spring Fair in Birmingham. As with all new collection launches, I’m equal amounts of excited and anxious at the moment, and really hoping that you all love this new collection as much as I do!

Festival Folk will be arriving on our website late February/early March along with some beautiful new photography. Until then here’s a few iPhone snaps I took during the photoshoot! You can take a look at my Pinterest board for Festival Folk here – this currently features some of my inspiration images and will be updated with new photography of the collection as it starts to appear!

Katie x

Festival Folk is coming

Festival Folk is coming

Festival Folk is coming