Wishing all our wonderful customers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017

English Garden

The tinsel and baubles are boxed up and awaiting their journey to the loft, the wreath is propped up stubbornly by the back door and only Bounty’s remain in the tub of Celebration’s. This of course means the very dregs of Christmas are almost done and it’s time to get on with normal life. 2016 was a challenging year in so many ways –  from horrendous stories of war torn countries and the heartbreaking refugee crisis, endless terror attacks, political shocks throughout the world – some on our own doorstep, the impending leadership in America by a man who believes climate change is a hoax and that it is okay to obscenely discuss women as objects. And the tragically long list of talent we lost unexpectedly this year, sadly ending on Christmas Day with the loss of the most fondly remembered and repeatedly played musician of my youth.

But it wasn’t all bad. Amongst a very long list of positive things are-

-The hole in the o-zone layer has started to repair itself! Yay!

-We used waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy less plastic bags in the UK last year guys, well done!

-And a whole load of countries signed up to the Paris Agreement.

-The Queen wore an electric lime green suit to her 90th birthday party. Yes Ma’am!

-Humpback whales, giant pandas, Colombian white-tailed deer, manatees and green sea turtles were all removed from the endangered species list!

-West Africa was officially declared Ebola free

-Loads of people threw buckets of water over their bonces, videoed it and shared it on Facebook and now there’s lots of money available for research into treating motor neurone disease!

-A cure for HIV could be on the horizon which is a pretty big deal.

-Mary Berry stood her ground and refused to be bought out by Channel 4, you go girl!

-One of my bestest friends came all the way back from New Zealand for a couple of weeks to get married and have a hen party (uniquely in that order) and it was just lovely… and THEN one of my other bestest friends got pregnant – amazing… AND THEN my little sister got married, which meant we got to have another amazing hen weekend in Edinburgh followed by the most beautiful wedding filled with friends and family from all over the globe… very special!



So although it’s important not to forget everything that happened last year and just write it off as a bad one – we need to pull ourselves together, remember the beautiful stuff and hit 2017 head on with fresh minds and open hearts. I like to set myself a few different types of goals each New Year – some that are totally achievable like re-potting all my house plants and doing some volunteer work, and some that seem completely impossible, such as finishing our house renovations and being able to do a well-controlled yoga handstand. Aim high, you might just make it. Work harder on things that make you happier. And above all else – choose love. That is going to be my mantra for 2017. I even bought the t-shirt.

Have a fantastic year my darlings!

Katie x

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