Hooray to 10 Years!

This month – June the 7th to be precise – Katie Alice turns 10 years old! I’m so unbelievably proud that we’ve reached this milestone – especially after the year we’ve all had! And it feels so apt that this year is set to be our biggest, scariest, most exciting year for the business with all sorts of new challenges ahead!  

Katie and Matt with their dog Luna



And we’re spending the week celebrating! Starting with… 

10% off all week!

Well we had to, didn’t we! Enter the code weare10 at checkout! Vaild from June 7th till June 14th across the whole website. (Not valid on our new clothing store)  


A 10 year trip down memory lane!

Follow Us on Social media this week a trip down memory lane! We’ll be sharing old product launches from past collections and press shots from the past. And the many hairstyles of the last 10 years – seriously, so many!


10 Year Commemorative Product Launch

We wanted to launch something different to mark this special occasion. Something that reflected where we are now as a business.


As you may know, we have recently taken over the wholesale side of the business, and although this has been an incredibly exciting time for us, the journey that led us here has been challenging, to say the very least!

Without wanting to share all the gory details (that’s for another post), we have faced some difficult and stressful times as a business the last couple of years. There have been moments when we have had to dig deep to find the motivation to keep everything moving. 

But we persisted through it all and eventually, the stars aligned! Now we couldn’t be happier that we managed to find our path. All the problems we’ve faced have only helped us to grow, both as people and as a business.

Katie in the Let Yourself Grow botanical print t-shirt

The Let Yourself Grow design is a symbol of that growth, with the wildflower botanical illustration not only reflecting the wildness of the last two years but also, our appreciation for nature and how being outside can be so healing during difficult times. I think we’ve all experienced the power of nature as a healer in the last 12 months!

Let Yourself Grow botanical art print - unframed print with some wild flowers surrounding 

Let Yourself Grow is available as a small collection of t-shirts for adults and kids. All clothing sold will also be part of a fundraising project for the amazing charity TreeSisters. Read more about the charity and our t-shirt collection here, and shop the collection here.

Let Yourself Grow is also available as a new A4 art print, printed on beautiful 250gsm watercolour paper. Shop the print here.

And a Giveaway of course!

We had to do a special giveaway to celebrate 10 years. We’ll be launching this across Facebook and Instagram later on this week so make sure you follow us on both! Oh, and obviously there will be 10 winners! 


It’s been an emotional few weeks putting together all the creative for this birthday celebration, from going through old photos to coming up with the commemorative design and the story behind it. But most of all its made me feel so incredibly humbled and thankful that for 10 years, our customers have wanted to be a part of the Katie Alice family and support our little family business. It means everything, and quite honestly makes me teary!


So thank you to everyone who has supported us during these last 10 years. You are all part of our story!


Time for the next chapter….

Katie x