So you may or may not have noticed that Facebook has severely changed the way it shows you content in recent months. Have you ever thought to yourself, “hmmm, I have loads of friends and follow lots of different pages but I’m constantly scrolling through the same old stuff in my news feed’?

Well that’s because you pretty much are.

Basically, there is soooooo much content on Facebook these days that they quite rightly need to filter some of it out for you, otherwise a sneaky five minute snoop at work would be more like an hour’s slog as you endlessly swipe over thousands of different stories. Which nobody wants… seriously, you can loose your job over stuff like that guys. My issue with this is that I don’t feel Facebook is really showing me what I want to see anymore. Last month I missed out on my favourite vintage fair because I didn’t see the Facebook posts leading up to it to remind me that it was on. I’ve missed out on tickets, exhibitions and all sorts. Now, I know I should be more organized and rely more on my own memory than a risky virtual platform but I always liked to think that if I was following a page on Facebook I would get to hear about any events, special offers and general info through my news feed. I realized that there are tons of companies, bands, galleries etc. I ‘follow’ that I hadn’t seen a jot about for months, maybe even years.

I’ve heard that Facebook even goes through this filtering process with your friends. You might have noticed that you see a lot of baby photos, wedding photos, engagement photos and animal photos – that’s because these are generally the sort of photos that get the most action, meaning Facebook is more likely to show you those posts.

This is a real problem for us. During 2015 we noticed a sharp decline in our stats, even though our page likes are constantly going up. Unless we pay Facebook to boost our posts, they might only get seen by 200-300 people, even though over 7000 people currently ‘like’ our page. That’s about 3% of our fans that actually get to see our posts. Very bothersome indeed.

But we know how important Facebook is so we are not going to get our knickers in twist and give up on it. Although, I must admit that last month I almost deleted our account through frustration – my knickers were, actually, awfully twisted for a short while there. They are fine now though because actually, there is a way to fix our problem… You can make us one of your favourites!

This way our stories will always show in your news feed and the great thing about Katie Alice is we don’t post a million things a day, so you won’t get bored of us or irritated by us, you’ll just get a few nice photos a week. You won’t miss out on our fabulous monthly competitions, starting this month! You also won’t miss out on mini flash sales we sometimes have. You will get to hear as soon as new collections or new products are available, you’ll also get links to new blog posts and information about events we’re attending.

Sounds good right?

Just follow the simple steps below and you can make us one of your Facebook favorites!

Desktop//  1. Go to the top right arrow drop down menu    2. Select ‘News Feed Preferences’    3.Click ‘Prioritize who you see first’    4. Find us on the list and select us     5. Click ‘Done’!

Mobile//     1. Go to settings    2. Select ‘News Feed Preferences’    3.Click ‘Prioritize who you see first’    4. Find us on the list and select us     5. Click ‘Done’!

Find us on facebook here!

So go ahead and take charge of your news feed, you tell them what you wnat to see, not have them tell you! Not only can you do this with all your favourite pages but also your friends, so you can make sure you never miss out on what your favourite people up to! And maybe even share this post to let other people know what they might be missing!

Katie x

We want to be your Facebook favourites!