Well Hello there! Thought it was about time we did a proper introduction on the website – I can’t believe we haven’t done one before! Whoops!

I’ve kind of been prompted to do one of these because of all the enquiries we receive that are directed ‘to our sales team’ or ‘to our marketing team’ etc. And it’s made me realise that we might give the impression we are a much bigger company than we really are… Actually, there are just two of us here at Katie Alice – 4 if you include our daughter Delilah and Luna the Italian Greyhound! And we currently work from a little office at the bottom of the garden – or the kitchen table if we’re having a “team meeting” (otherwise known as lunch).


So – meet the team –

Hi! I’m Katie  – middle name Alice! Owner/Director – always love how grown up that makes me sound. Katie Alice started back in 2011 when I did a collaboration with my Mums kitchenware company. The collection we launched together – The Cottage Flower collection was an instant hit and it was from there that a proper brand began to form and a business was launched, almost by accident really!

My work life consists of creating social media and website content, hiding from my email inbox, all the boring admin of running a small business and, when I’m lucky, inspirational days out and designing. It’s been a challenge getting back to work since Delilah came along – working from home with a baby is actually pretty impossible – who knew, but we’re slowly getting there!

Outside of work I spend the majority of my time trying to convince Matt to let me paint more of the house pink, coming up with impractical new business ideas that I don’t have time for, going for cake with anyone who’ll have me and anything that involves flowers.

And then we have Matt! Matt joined the business in 2014 to launch the Katie Alice online shop. As well as running the website and answering all customer enquiries, he also organises any fairs or shows that we attend, I’d say Matt’s main job role within the company is keeping me on the straight and narrow, which as I’ve said before is fair to say is a difficult, relentless and time consuming role. Well done Matt. You should probably arrange you’re own medal as if it’s up to me you could be waiting a while, but you most definitely deserve one.

So that’s us, apart from the biggest most important member team – our amazing customers, who we obviously couldn’t do any of this without! So thank you for being a part of the Katie Alice team!


Katie x