I get so excited when we’re about to launch a new collection. Well, excited and nervous/self-conscious in equal parts really. It can be quite a lengthy process developing new products and new collections – at the moment for example I’m working in ideas for Autumn/Winter 2017 already!

So it’s always lovely to finally get to the point where I can start to show you what me and the team from Creative Tops have been up to!

Vintage Indigo

And this couldn’t be more true than it is for Vintage Indigo! This collection was started well over a year ago and was originally going to be an exclusive collection for big retailer – they decided not to take it in the end because it was “too blue” … little did they know what a big trend blue and white would be for spring/summer17! *I told you so face*

Alongside the long history of traditional blue and white porcelain in England, the design takes influence from a visit to Amsterdam a few years ago, where I was lusting after the beautiful blue and white delft ware. In particular were some lovely tiles in Rembrandt’s house which is now a museum, and Anne Franks beautifully decorated (wait for it…) toilet, of all places!

The rose pattern is re-worked from a beautiful piece of original hand-painted vintage artwork – which can also be seen in a different colour way on the header of the website! I have also used a blue gingham to give the design a bit of an English 50’s feel, with my trademark ditsy polka dot looking extra classy in the deepest blue of the design.

Vintage Indigo

It’s a lovely big collection including some old favourites like the ceramic tea, coffee and sugar storage jars as well as some brand new items like the cute set of four espresso cups and saucers, the glass milk bottle and a lovely woven gingham tablecloth.

We expect to have most of this new collection online by the end of the month, with a couple of the final pieces arriving in May. And look out for our end of the month competition on Facebook where we will be doing something special to celebrate the launch of this new collection!

Vintage Indigo

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