I love beautiful imagery – who doesn’t?! There’s something inspiring about seeing a beautifully styled photo that makes you wish you could jump right in and be a part of it. Instagram is perfect for this. I think I’ve professed my love for Instagram many-a-time on the blog before and I’m going to do it again today. It’s become a great tool for reaching out and connecting with people and being inspired by what they do!

This year I decided to reach out to a couple of my favourite Instagrammers to see if they would like shoot of my products in their own lovely way!

The first is Janice Issitt and I’m delighted to share a taster of the first few images with you…

Highland Fling

Highland Fling

Some fresh spring photography

Vintage Indigo

Please take a look at Janice’s lovely website here and follow her on Instagram for an extra dose of prettiness in your feed and look out for more lovely images over the coming months!