New for Spring 2018, The Eastern Flora Collection reflects my love of travelling in Asia, where I have been lucky enough to visit many times both for work and holiday. With a brother in Thailand for almost 20 years and a sister who has only recently left Hong Kong where she has lived for the past 3 years I’ve been lucky to become quite familiar with both countries. And I’m extremely fortunate to have been taken to Japan for work on several occasions, the most wonderful country that I am now completely besotted with.

When visiting these countries, aside from filling my face with local cuisine, I always like to make time to visit temples, museums and galleries. And guess what, it’s always the flowers that catch my eye. I’ve always adored the style of vintage, Oriental style florals – like you might find painted inside the walls of a temple in Kyoto or decorating large pieces of Chinese pottery.

When I found the piece of vintage fabric that became the inspiration for Eastern Flora pattern, I fell in love immediately! The twisting branches weave together cerise blooms with yellow blossom amongst feathery jade green foliage and unusual stylised floral designs.

Together with an exotic colour palette of emerald green, bright turquoise, turmeric yellow and dusky pink as the background colours, this small but perfectly formed collection takes me back in an instant to some of the places I’ve visited.

I hope you like it!

Katie x


Eastern Flora Mugs £7.99

Eastern Flora Plates £6.99

Katie Alice Oriental