For the love of trays


Why every home needs – at least 1– beautiful tray


Last year we launched a collection of beautifully handcrafted birchwood trays and you know what? We haven’t shouted about them nearly enough!

We made the switch from melamine mix trays to bentwood trays because we love this specialist product that comes from Sweden. We were also keen to source product that has a lower environmental impact that is manufactured closer to home.


Pretty trays for the kitchen and beyond!


What are they ideal for?

Afternoon tea, obviously! What better sight than a tray coming towards you piled up with mugs of hot tea and biscuits? Our large tray comfortably fits a teapot with two cup and saucers, a milk jug and a sugar bowl. Or 4 mugs with plenty of biscuit space. Our small trays are perfect for two cups of tea with a little treat each!

And come the summer months you bet we’ll be swapping that teapot for a jug of Pimms and glasses! Or a bottle of rose. Or prosecco. You get the picture.

They are also great for use as a tray on the sofa whether for food or homework; anytime you might need a hard surface while cosying up!

How do we use our tray at home?

Breakfast in bed! On the (very) rare occasion that we think breakfast in bed might be a good idea, one of us will pop down and fill the tray with two cups of coffee, a bowl of chopped fruit, some toast or croissants and little beakers of juice so we can maybe watch the first 20 minutes of a film before everything descends into chaos strawberries start getting imprinted into the cushions.

The Indian Takeaway hangover tray. You know, that Sunday night when you’ve been soldiering through the day feeling dog rough .and you need the cosy warm embrace of biryani and a garlic naan in front of the tv. The amazing thing about these trays is that they are heat and stain resistant and will even withstand a run through the dishwasher!


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Any other surprising uses?

Prop them up against the wall in your kitchen to cover up sockets or cables! They look so pretty out on display and can cover up some unsightly little corners of the kitchen.

They are also great for setting up little activities for kids, like play dough, potion making, magic wand creating or kinetic sand. Or even for having rainy day indoor picnics on the floor!

Made in Sweden using carefully perfected techniques

Each tray is made by hand on an island in Sweden using sustainably sourced materials. Layers of birchwood are pressed together and the design is coated with a tough melamine top. A process that means they are durable and food safe. They will even withstand a dishwasher cycle, although we would always recommend handwashing your trays.


Do you have a favourite tray at home? What do you use it for?