Back to school – or the Autumn reset.


“September will forever feel like the first page of a crisp new notebook

or the softness of a new sweater,

all fresh starts, optimism and hope.”


I read this on an account that I follow on Instagram recently and it resonated with me so much. A perfectly articulated feeling.

Eloise Rickman (@mightly mother) is a home educator and writer who also runs e-courses. I’m partway through reading her book, which is every bit as inspiring as her Instagram account. Although I don’t intend to home-school Delilah, her book feels like an important companion to my parenting journey.

There is definitely something ingrained in me from those ‘back to school’ days. Drawing a line under summer and getting back into focus. Setting intentions, making a plan, and working towards those goals,  especially in the lead up to Christmas.

Floral giraffe notebook on a marble table with stationery

It’s a satisfying feeling, starting a new notebook, and outlining your goals for the year ahead.

As Eloise also said, why would anyone want to start a diary in January – “what a dreary month to begin with”.

Things will no doubt feel different this September. Back to School might not feel quite like it did before. New rules will be in place at school or in the workplace to adhere to social distancing. While many will continue to work from home. But I think that is why it’s all the more important to remember those traditional September triggers this year. Buy that new notebook. Give your desk an end of summer clean up ready for a reset. Set intentions for the year ahead.

We certainly have a lot to plan for in the next year, so I’m going to need a new planner to keep my head in check! And the office could use a tidy.

I am fairly certain there was a time when I used to lament the thought of ‘back to school’.

It’s funny how the tables have turned.


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