Katie reflects on lockdown…

A few weeks have passed since we emerged from the depths of lockdown…

P.E with Joe has come to an end, the banana bread Instagram posts have fizzled away and we are casually making plans to meet with friends we haven’t seen in many months.

Life isn’t quite back to normal, but it’ll do for now.

When I look back through photos from the last 5 months, it almost feels like it was a dream. So much has happened, we’ve been through a lot as a family and as a business. Yet, it also feels like for a moment there, time just stood still.

I lost two grandparents a week apart during lockdown. I am so thankful to the friends that sent me cards and flowers and messages during those couple of weeks. They were much-needed gestures that I will never forget and felt all the more special because of the restrictions on hugging.

The good times

The good times during lockdown really were good though. We were in the very privileged position of being able to work safely from home, with a garden to enjoy. Having Delilah home all week with us was sometimes challenging, but mostly amazing. Balancing full-time childcare with running two businesses is not easy, as many of us have come to realise. We 100% didn’t get as much work done as we should have, but that didn’t matter. What felt more important was making it through those difficult months as best as we could.

Memories from lockdown


Lockdown Cooking

We panic batch-cooked in those very early days, when fears of catching the virus and being stuck at home, unable to get a food delivery slot terrified us. Fortunately, that event never materialised and those wild days of supermarket wipe-out are a thing of the past. It has though been a dream to have a freezer full of meals that we’ve been able to tap into on busy days and hopefully something we continue to do!

Long walks

Oh, how we made the most of that 1 hour exercise a day! For quite some time, a walk up to Burghley to go and see the ‘baby sheep’ was as important to our daily routine as brushing our teeth. We watched them grow bigger week by week and also saw teams of ducklings arrive into Stamford meadows. I strangely enjoyed the quietness of the streets in town during those early months although eerie at times. Stamford with no traffic is quite special and it definitely helped keep my mind calm.

Creative time at home

Homemade playdough, hand painting, potato printing, weaving, knitting, sewing, decorating, DIY and garden designing. I think we covered most of the lockdown clichés in this category. A mix of wanting to find activities for Delilah while nursery was closed, and trying to stimulate our minds while normal life is closed.

Gardening In lockdown

We saw spring bloom at the start of lockdown. Trees blossomed and tulips sprouted. And before we knew it summer had arrived. All of a sudden, everyone I know with a garden had sacrificed some land over to a vegetable plot – even the most unlikely sorts!

We shoehorned some courgette plants into our front garden, pimped up our herb repertoire, and had a (slightly unsuccessful) attempt at tomatoes. I hope this homegrown trend is one that continues to bloom beyond the years of lockdown!


And as for the business…

We have also been through many ups and downs as a business. There was the initial panic of not knowing whether we were going to be allowed to keep shipping orders (don’t tell me you didn’t google “Can I catch COVID from cardboard box” at least once). And then the online shop being busier than Christmas and us running out of items that we had expected to last a year! The wholesale side of things went quiet as shops were ordered to close their doors, but all the while we received so much support and love from our customers that we began to think about restructuring the business! A big announcement coming on this in the coming weeks.


It’s certainly been a strange old time and there is so much uncertainty about the next few months. But should it be that we are placed under lockdown again in the coming months, then I’m ready. I know the bad; I remember the anxiety, the longing to see friends and family, the work/life juggle struggle. But I also know the good and will remember it fondly.


Katie x