Blogging does not come naturally to me. A couple of years ago you couldn’t have recommended a blog highly enough to me that it would actually make me sit down and enter its URL into my search bar. And trying to get me to update my then pitiful blog was like trying to make Mary Berry bake a cake with one of those ready made cake packets you get from the supermarket. The fact that I am now sitting here on a wednesday morning physically writing a blog post about blogs blows my mind.

My recent shift towards this unfamiliar territory has opened my eyes to an amazing new chunk of the internet where people are inspiring, open and generous with their ideas and knowledge. How exciting the moment has become when you discover a new blog that’s cleverly written, beautifully styled or just right up your street, and you can scroll back through all it’s old posts in awe like some kind of blog pervert.

And they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s an insight into the most chic homes in Scandinavia, an upbeat autobiography of living with leukaemia, glamourising a backpacking trip around the world or the many ways to tie your hair in a fishtail plat (something I know I will never master but will continue to read every post that comes my way with hope and dreams). There literally are blogs out there for everyone.

But my favourite of all the blogs definitely has to be the wondrous and majestic food blog. As someone who is a big fan of food, the food blog came to me like a angel sent from heaven bearing an insatiable amount of original recipes and inspiring photography better than most cookbooks. It made my transition from blog virgin to blog addict swift and painless. These are my top three faves. You’ve probably been following them for donkeys years but bear with me – I’m still relatively new to this!


“Helping people become better, smarter happier cooks”

Food 52 is full of all the amazing basic knowledge you should know about food but probably don’t,  with articles like ‘Dill and how to use it from stem to seed‘ and ‘5 tricks to making a mind-blowing burger‘. It also has great recipe ideas, interviews with chefs and reading suggestions. And of course amazing photography.

How food blogs won me over

How food blogs won me over


Call me cupcake is the prettiest food blog I think I’ve ever come across. Linda is from Sweden and makes and bakes all of the amazing sounding recipes herself and then photographs them all as well. They are beautiful and all look delicious. I’m praying for the day that her book gets published in English!

How food blogs won me over

How food blogs won me over


This blog is amazing for fresh and fun dinner ideas like Corn and Lobster French Onion Chowder and 20 minute Thai basil beef rice bowls. And the recipes seem to be endless so expect to be sat for a while as you try and pick one out for your next shopping list. And yet again – great photography.

How food blogs won me over

(All photo’s are taken from featured blogs)

Blogging is something that I stubbornly avoided for longer than I should have and my late coming to this amazing cyber world of photography, style, design, personal stories and so much more is unfortunately still evident in my own infrequency of posts and my amateur approach. But I’m not giving up and I’m doing my research in the hope to better my blogging self.

If you know of any amazing food blogs then please let me know about them through my contact form on the website – I’m a woman obsessed!