Wow what a busy couple of months it’s been! As much as I’d like to be one of those marvellously organised business women who stylishly shimmy’s around their busy schedule, ticking jobs orderly off a very well written list, I know I never will be. And thats fine (- although not so much to my new employee I hasten to add). I am one of them who makes scruffy, dog-eared lists that have been scrawled impatiently onto the back of old phone bill envelopes and then frantically leaves the house usually without my list which lays abandoned on the kitchen table. I will then spend my day wondering what it was exactly that I was supposed to be doing as my sieve of a brain has conveniently drained away the most important (and usually boring) tasks. Then on returning home I find my list of very important unfinished jobs and realise I’ve spent most of the day doing things that although were enjoyable – really should have waited.

I do plan on addressing these minor issues perhaps on next January 1st but for now I feel like I have an un-structure I’m comfortable with.
And I have here a perfect example of this behaviour which I suppose some might call “poor time management” if it had to be labelled. During the last two weeks where my to-do list has been a little longer than usual, ( at one point I needed three different envelopes for all my lists) I decided to make you a playlist of some music I’m listening to at the moment! Music is big part of my life and when I’ve got a lot on and need to concentrate I find there’s nothing better than sticking on some lovely music in the background (or foreground, whatever) to help drown out what’s going on around me and allow me to focus on what’s in front of me.

So – I made you a nice Spring mixtape! There’s some new stuff, some old stuff, and some really, really pretty stuff and I hope you like it! I’m going to try and make this a regular-ish thing. Maybe.

*Spring Mixtape*

Apart from that I’ve been working on some very exciting projects, one of which in particular I’m very excited to share. My previous work with Scott’s Of Thrapston and their beautiful summerhouse’s last year has led to closer collaboration with them this year and I’m (mega) chuffed to reveal that the new Katie Alice summerhouse will be launching at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May and will then be going on the Hampton Court Palace Flower show in July. Photography was done last week and I’m looking forward to sharing a few more images with you. Here’s a little taster in the meantime…


Katie x

I made you a mix tape

I made you a mix tape - Summerhouse

I made you a mix tape - Summerhouse