Getting your good coffee fix at home

Are you missing your favourite coffee shop?

I know I am.

If I close my eyes, I can almost taste the oat milk flat white and freshly baked cardamom bun from Scandamania.

I’m even missing going to soft play… because they actually serve a seriously good brew at The Yard in Stamford!

We’re all adapting to this new isolation life (while of course hoping it ends soon, as in tomorrow pls), and missing all the things we took for granted. As a result of this, one thing that Matt and I have done is started making better coffee at home.

Whole beans, freshly ground as we need them for a cafetière.

My favourite brewing methods

I always had bad memories of cafetières from working in a pub as a teenager. A French press is really lovely way to enjoy coffee when made properly. Fresh beans, water not too hot and not left to brew for too long before plunging. Back in my waitressing days coffee making wasn’t quite the artform it is now. This was before Nespresso snuck its way into all our homes and flat whites were yet to arrive from Australia. Not much care was taken as numerous tablespoons of mass-produced coffee were hastily thrown into stainless steel pots, scalded with boiling water and then left for way to long before being delivered to the customer for them to plunge at their own risk. It fills me with dread thinking back to it – but the coffee culture was so different then! There is so much more education available for enthusiasts now and so many great ways to drink it at home.

We’ve just added an Aeropress to our home brewing methods too. Now don’t let the exterior of these strange contraptions put you off… yes they do look ever so slightly like an Austin Powers style penis enlarger (didn’t expect to ever type those two words on this blog, please don’t penalise me google), BUT they do make delicious coffee. And are also very reasonably priced!


So while we wait patiently for coffee shops to re-open, why not have a shake-up of how you coffee at home.


A shout out to our two local coffee roasters (who we love) –


Silver Oak – these guys usually have a stand on Stamford market (not at the moment though, for obvious reasons) Order online with them instead at the moment and they will grind for your preferred brewing method.


It’s also worth mentioning that you can still support a lot of your local coffee shops! Many are now offering home delivery of your favourite bakes! In Stamford, you can pre-order from Scandamania, Cakes & Co, and Stamford Lodge Café!

Katie Alice products pictured – Vintage Indigo espresso cup and saucers and Ditsy Floral collection