Fancy glassware for Quarantine life!

There seems to be a lot more wine drinking going at home of late, am I right?

And who can blame us?

For a start the pubs are all shut which sucks, so yes of course we are going to be drinking more at home.

Secondly, a lot of us have suddenly taken over fulltime childcare when we were used to a few days relief from schools or nurseries or grandparents. And while it is lovely spending so much time with Delilah during these days … it’s also hard and exhausting – especially when you are trying to run two businesses at the same time. Come 5pm (4pm? 3:30 anyone…?) I have started craving a beer or a glass of rose like never before! It feels a little bit alcoholic-y to write that but I know I’m not alone!

And finally – just coronavirus in general. Yep, I said it. Sorry. But it’s bloody awful isn’t it. Of course we need a bloody drink!

fancy glassware - our pink ombre wine glasses with a floral etched rim

fancy glassware - our pink ombre wine glasses with a floral etched rim

Sale picks for the win!

So we’re embracing our new drinking at home habits. We’re leaning into them. We even got the fancy glassware out the cellar. We’re rolling with it. Responsibly of course.

And because we’ve been enjoying our fancy glasses so much of an evening we thought you might too. We’ve ordered some extra stock in of our beautiful etched glassware should you fancy upping your glassware game! There are champagne flutes and wine glasses and they come as a box of 4. The floral pattern around the top is complemented by a blush pink ombre effect through the stem. They also make an excellent gift! And best of all they’re in the sale!


fancy glassware - our pink ombre champagne flutes with a floral etched rim