Pretty in Pink – Josie’s Blush is here!


Lifestyle photograph of our pink Josie's Blush mug filled with tea and plate, sat on a crate with a basket of fresh cut flowers against leafy backdrop

Say hello to our new collection…

Lifestyle image of Josie's Blush pink floral tableware in a summerhouse with a large jug of flowers, grey tablecloth and sunshine through the back windows

A gorgeous vintage floral design in blushing hues of dusky rose, pale candyfloss, salmon pink and deep magenta. The ramshackle posy features peonies, lilacs, tulips, iris and hydrangea; some of Katie’s absolute favourite flowers. We instantly fell in love with the vintage artwork that inspired this collection and knew it would make a beautiful tableware collection. Paired with gingham, a scalloped edge border and a ditsy polka dot, this has to be a favourite collection of ours yet. But then Katie is a self-confessed pink addict! It was only a matter of time before we had an entirely pink collection.


Josie’s Blush and Blooming Margaret

You may have noticed that Josie’s Blush is in fact the same floral print as Blooming Margaret! The truth is when we were designing the new collection we had two versions – the black background with full colour floral, and a pink monochrome version. We absolutely loved both of them; as did everyone we showed them to. And we just could not decide which one to launch. So unexpectedly, went with both!

Because of this, the two collections sit beautifully together and work well as a mix and match style for your table. We particularly love a mixed stack of cereal bowls on open shelves in the kitchen.

Vintage wooden dresser shelves with a display of pink Josie's Blush ceramics and black floral Blooming Margaret ceramics, with vases of fresh roses

Josie’s blush is named after Katie’s nanna Josephine, who always had a little jug of fresh-cut flowers from the garden on her window sill. The gingham is a nod to the little vintage caravan that took her grandparents on many adventures and was always full of delightfully kitsch prints and patterns.

And Blooming Margaret was of course named after Katie’s other grandma – Nannie Margaret. It’s an honour to be able to dedicate these two collections to two wonderful women who are remembered so fondly by the family.

Josie’s Blush and Vintage Indigo

One of the main objectives for the Josie’s Blush collection was to create a complimentary design to work with our best-selling Vintage Indigo collection. The two both feature a monochrome floral, with chunky gingham and our trademark ditsy polka dot. We wanted to create a partner that would allow collectors of Vintage Indigo to refresh their collection with pop of pink. The mugs, plates, bowls and other items are all the same size and shape, meaning they will sit alongside each other perfectly. Why not try adding a little pink to your blue collection. We think they make the perfect couple!

A table set of afternoon tea with our pink Josie's Blush and blue Vintage Indigo collections with a cake stand full of summer fruit and macrons

The Products

Once we were happy with the pink tones in the collection and had our delicious dusky pink gingham to sit alongside the floral, we started to put the Josie’s Blush artwork onto the product. We just loved it on our ceramics. So we have created a beautiful large collection that includes all our bestselling staple items such as dinner plates, bowls and mugs, as well as accent pieces like the new bamboo lidded storage jars, our popular cup and saucer which comes in a pretty gift box and our excellent teapot which pours like a dream!

An overhead image of our Josie's Blush pink dinnerware with fresh flowers


We’re looking forward to adding some other familiar pieces into the collection this year, like our trays and kitchen textiles. We may even have a few brand new product categories coming in this design … but that’s a story for another day.

A table by the window  in a summerhouse dressed with our pink floral and gingham Josie's Blush tableware collection