When I arrived back from a two week road trip around Italy at 2 O’Clock in the morning it had completely slipped my mind that it was in fact Easter Day. It hadn’t crossed my mind that the fridge was empty and the shops would be shut and there was little-to-no hope of a surprise Easter egg hunt in the back garden.

What a wonderful moment it was when I remembered the half dozen hot cross buns I’d loving baked before holiday and then had to bundle into the freezer when I realised we were about to go on holiday!

Vintage inspired baking accessories

I think hot cross burns have been one of my favourite baking experiences – partly because it’s a personal malfunction of mine to get unnecessarily excited whenever a recipe requires you to leave it to rise. You’d have thought after the first few times it would wear off but I’m embarrassed to say it’s one of many cooking related processes that I choose to see as magic.  But mostly I loved it because I have never known a house to smell quite so sweet as when there is a batch of homemade hot cross buns in the oven. A blanket of spiced air wrapped around the afternoon and it’s enticing scent stayed warm till the next day. It was really rather wonderful.

Vintage inspired baking accessories

I also got to do all of this with a big bunch of brand new goodies – the Katie Alice vintage inspired baking accessories that complement the Cottage Flower Collection. Mixing bowls, batter jugs, jelly moulds, mini-mixing bowl measuring cups, ceramic measuring spoons, wooden and silicone tools and loads more are all available now in pretty pastel shades.

So thanks to my freezer for looking after my buns while I was away, they saved what could have been a pretty poor Easter Day.

All Katie Alice products are available from the shop link on my website.

Katie x