Whisky shortbread with orange and caraway, served with blood orange curd

Sounds fancy but isn’t!

This is my super rustic but absolutely delicious recipe for Whisky Shortbread with orange and carraway – indulgently served with a big dollop of orange curd!

Shortbread is so very easy to make at home and so rewarding! You can of course keep it simple and leave out the flavours, but it’s nice to mix it up a bit!

I love the flavour of Caraway, it reminds me of a trip to Italy when Matt and I stayed in a medieval cave hotel, where they made a liquor from caraway seeds and left a bottle in your room! A lovely memory of the most unusual and amazing hotel experience!

And of course there must be whiskey for Burns night – just a little slosh is needed to delicately flavour the delicious shortbread. Unless of course you want a wee dram to wash down the biscuits!

Homemade curd takes a little more concentration to make than the shortbread but my-oh-my is it worth it! I chose to make blood orange curd as I had some from the market to use, but any oranges are fine. I used to eat lemon curd by the jar when I was little, and haven’t had it for many many years, so this was a real treat!

Whisky Shortbread with Caraway and Orange – Recipe

200g of plain flour

50g of golden caster sugar

1 teaspoon Caraway Seeds

140g salted butter

1 orange – zested (you can use the juice for the curd if you are making)

1 shot of Scottish Whisky

Mix the flour, sugar and carraway seeds together in a bowl, the rub the butter through with your finger-tips. Add the orange and whisky and gently bring the mixture together by pushing without kneading and hardly working at all. Once brought together, transfer to a greased baking tray and shape as desired, decorating the top if you wish – I went for the rustic look…

Bake for around 30 mins at 170˚ until lightly golden

Serve with a jar of homemade orange curd – I used this recipe from BBC, which has the lovely addition of fresh thyme.

I’ve used our Wild Apricity dinnerware for this Scottish themed post as the wild foul and thistles in the design remind of the Highlands! Plates and teapot available here – mugs and textiles coming back into stock soon!


Katie x